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i used to ask people to send me things to put on this site. some people did, and i would scan and crop and color-correct and resize (i still had a dialup modem when i started the site), and modify the html by hand and upload that. but i had time to do that then, and now i don't, and some people sent me things that i took forever getting onto the site. i can't have that. those people deserved better. so i'm not asking for anything any more.

fortunately, i now have what i always wanted this site to be: a way for people to contribute directly, without relying on unreliable me to scan/upload/etc.: the early years of sport ballooning facebook page. sure, not everyone is on facebook, but an awful lot of people are. if you are interested in what's here, you'll find all this and way, way more of it there, so why not join? if you don't have any friends in the group or anything ballooning-related in your profile, please click "join group," then send me (dave wesner) a private message and i'll add you. i hate to have to do that, but the group has over 1000 members now (!!), so i get a lot of fake/hacked accounts trying to join.

ultimately, though, this site would not exist, nor would its social-media counterpart, were it not for the generosity of visitors who did send me material. just saying "thank you" doesn't cut it. everyone who sent me something, from a small emailed picture to a meticulously annotated packet of amazing, one-of-a-kind artifacts (true story - some people are just that great), gets the credit for anything good here. even the materials i tracked down on my own would not be here - not over a decade later - had it not been joined by materials chipped in by others. so - pitifully inadequate as this phrase may be - thank you. just thank you so very much.

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